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Residential Design

Residential Interior Design has become angered in today's era, with a new sense of awareness in increasing taste and design, many people are renting a residential interior designer for their homes. It beautifies a place like never before. According to PIS your home should tell a story of who you are. Our objective is to provide you with a timely distribution with a great atmosphere at the best rates possible. Each house starts with a personal concept that is directly related to our customers and their individual style.

Commercial Design

We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional workstations. To keep it easy, we open a bare and convert it to a ready-to-take-in office. An office that properly reflects the customer's ideas, brand, current and future needs. Over the years, we have expanded our customer base to include the hotels, offices and the hospitals. Going forward with this line, we have also increased the offer of our service to include comprehensive fit solutions. This office covers all related aspects of space development.